We asked our patients what they thought of their service

Here what they had to say

I did not have to change my diet at all while wearing Invisalign clear braces.

Invisalign braces did not change my daily life at all

Invisalign has made such a difference to my life. A great new smile and nobody guessed until it was all done. Thanks a million David.

I had been for 3 consultations over about 5 years before I went for a consultation with David McConville.
I initially went to see if Invisalign treatment would suit my problem but it wasn’t so I had to seriously make the decision on if I wanted to go ahead with train tracks. I went for my consultation in November and decided within a few days that I was going to take the plunge. I got two teeth out in January and got the bottom braces on and got two teeth out on the top in April and got the top braces on. It took about two weeks to get used of the braces. The whole process was hassle free really; I had a bit of pain when I got the braces tightened but nothing a few neurofen wouldn’t take care off! In my job I have to give presentations to large groups, I was a bit apprehensive from that point of view as well but again, once I got used of them myself I wasn’t really bothered about other people. I am 27 and it’s only when you have braces that you realise how many more people my age and older have them. When I got the braces on David told me I would possibly have them for 15 months or more, I got them on, on the 12th of January 2009 and got them off on 14th April 2010.1 have to say I am delighted with the results, when I looked at them first after getting the braces off they looked like someone else’s teeth in my mouth! My teeth always bothered me and especially when I saw myself in photos. 15 months to take care of something that has bothered you a lifetime is nothing, I found the time flew. My family and friends were very impressed with the results, so much so that one of my friends has decided to get braces after seeing how well my teeth turned out. I found David McConville’s practice very convenient, I work in Sligo and could pop in for my appointments before work, during lunch time or after work and this is something to consider when you are making a decision on what orthodontist to go with as if you are going for appointments every six weeks it could mean taking a lot of time off work. All the staff are very friendly and efficient. The appointments were always to schedule and if there was any change I was given plenty of notice.
It is a big financial commitment to make but with the payment plan there is no pressure to pay up front. The results are well worth the money. It’s all about confidence and if you teeth are affecting your confidence it is well worth paying the money for a lifetime investment in yourself. I love my new smile and was delighted to get a voucher when I had completed my treatment to get a portrait photograph of my new smile.

Right from my initial consultation with david i have been extreamly happy and fully satisfied with the service and treatment recieved. At the outset, I was give all the options availble yo me and every question I had (An there were many!) were answered accordingly, informativly and in a friendly manner. I commenced my treatment right away and given the central location of the practice, I could schedule my appointments around work at ease. I had been very unhappy with my lower teeth as long as I can remember. So after many years od deliberation it was great to finally get started . In total, my treatment was completed in only 8 months – which I was pleasenetly surprised by as I had expected to have the braces for at least one year. Even after 4-6 weeks of treatment, I was amazed at the changes that were taking place. I was equally surpirsed at how the process could be completed without dental extractions. Even My dentist felt that it might require a tooth or teeth to be removed. Overall I’m delighted with the service recieved by David McConville Orthodintics & I found the whole team to be extreamly helpful & friendly. It Certainly was money well spent & I would like to thank everyone there for all of your work & assistance.